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In preparing samples, please observe the following points.


Clearly label each sample directly on the sample.

Thin film

The surface on the temperature detecting side must have a mirror finish because in full-scale measurement a laser beam is radiated the sample’s front surface (or the opposite surface of the sample
The intensity of the reflected laser beam is measured to obtain the temperature.

Metal film

Non-metallic thin film samples may transmit both heating light and temperature detection light. So metal films must be formed on both the heated surface and the measured surface. Such reflective metal films can be made of molybdenum, platinum, aluminum, or tungsten, and should be approximately 100 nm thick. Reflective films for this purpose can be made at PicoTherm. Please explicitly order when necessary.


Substrates used for measurement should be made of quartz,or silicon. If the substrate is special, please consult with PicoTherm. The substrate should be between 10 mm × 10 mm and 20 mm × 20mm in area and be 1.0 mm thick. For rear heating-front detection (RF) measurements, both front and rear faces of the substrate must be optically ground.

Thickness of thin films

Please inform PicoTherm of the measured thickness of thin films whenever possible.
Thermal diffusivity measurement error can be the square of film thickness error.

Thermal conductivity

Please provide specific heat capacity and density values of thin films when requesting thermal conductivity measurements.
Thermal conductivity