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Analysis Workflow

Analytical Service Request
Please complete the Analysis Request Form.
PicoTherm will confirm sample content, number of samples and delivery time.
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  • Mail us at
PicoTherm will propose the measurement method most appropriate for the objective and transmit it with a quotation.

For example, the following shows the materials needed for measurement when the sample is a transparent thin film and the client wants its thermal diffusivity and interfacial thermal resistance.

  • Sample 1 Substrate / metal film
  • Sample 2 Substrate / metal film / transparent film (thickness A) / metal film
  • Sample 3 Substrate / metal film / transparent film (thickness B) / metal film
  • Sample 4 Substrate / metal film / transparent film (thickness C) / metal film

If necessary, PicoTherm will make test measurements.

Please send or bring the samples for measurement to us.
Please clearly label each sample on the sample itself.
PicoTherm will carry out test measurements to determine feasibility.

Address : 2-1-6 Sengen, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0047 Japan

PicoTherm will send you the invoice after test measurement. Please remit payment by bank transfer. PicoTherm starts measuring the samples after confirmation of payment.
PicoTherm will carry out measurements using NanoTR or PicoTR.
Analysis may require time.
Your samples will be returned with the analysis report.
A packing slip will also be sent.

Confidentiality Agreement

PicoTherm maintains strict confidentiality for all contracted matters.

※If a client requests, PicoTherm will enter into a Confidentiality Agreement.