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NanoTR / PicoTR

PicoTherm’s “NanoTR” and “PicoTR” thermal analysis systems for thin films are the world’s first analyzers to provide high precision measurements of thermophysical properties of metallic, oxide, organic and other films.
These analyzers enable rapid and highly precise measurements of thermal diffusivity, thermal effusivity, thermal conductivity and interfacial thermal resistance for films, as thick as several 10s of μm and as thin as several 10s of nm, formed on any substrate.
PicoTherm provides thermal solutions by combining thermal measurement and analysis technology of highly reliable national standards with SI-traceable correction technology.


Thermophysical Analysis of Thin Films, including Multilayer Structures

NanoTR and PicoTR can measure the thermal diffusivity, thermal effusivity and conductivity of thin films and the interfacial thermal resistance between thin films of multi-layer films. NanoTR and PicoTR enable highly sophisticated thermal designs for semiconductor devices.

High-speed Measurement

NanoTR’s state-of-the-art signal processing technology means high speed measurements.

RF and FF Configurations

NanoTR and PicoTR can be configured for both RF (rear heating / /front detection) and FF (front heating / /front detection) measurements, enabling measurement of a wide variety of samples.

High-Precision Analysis

Thermoreflectance measurements are absolute, not relative. Thermophysical PropertiesThermal diffusivity in thin films can be determined reliably with little error.
High-Precision Analysis

Traceability to national standards

NanoTR / PicoTR are calibrated to ensure traceability to national standards and the following Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) (adopted in 2011).

JIS R 1689 “Determination of thermal diffusivity of fine ceramic films by pulsed light heating thermoreflectance method”

JIS R 1690 “Determination of interfacial thermal resistance between fine ceramic film and metal film”