2. Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

For purposes of smoothly carrying out its business, PicoTherm Corporation (below, PicoTherm) collects and uses information such as the names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of customers and stockholders (below, Personal Information).

1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

PicoTherm complies with applicable laws, regulations and other norms related to Personal Information.

2. Disclosure of Purposes of Use and Prohibition of Other Uses

When requesting Personal Information from customers, PicoTherm will disclose, in advance, the purpose of that information and will restrict use of that information to that purpose. Should it become necessary to use Personal Information provided by a customer beyond the disclosure, PicoTherm will notify the customer in advance of the purpose. If the customer disagrees with the new purpose, the customer can refuse use at the customer’s discretion. If a customer wishes not to provide Personal Information to PicoTherm, the customer may refuse to provide this information at the customer’s discretion. (However, if the information is necessary for providing service, the service may not be provided.)

3. Personal Information of Users Shall Not Be Disclosed or Provided to Third Parties

PicoTherm shall not disclose or provide customers’ Personal Information to third parties, with the following exceptions.

4. Notifications Related to Personal Information

Customers should contact PicoTherm if they wish to confirm their own Personal Information. In order to prevent accidental disclosure of customers’ Personal Information to third parties, PicoTherm will notify an inquiring customer of that customer’s Personal Information held by PicoTherm only after confirmation, by PicoTherm, that the identity of the inquiring person is the same as the subject customer.
In the case of errors or changes in a customer’s Personal Information, PicoTherm will correct or delete erroneous or outdated information in response to a request from the customer. However, in order to prevent falsification of customers’ Personal Information by third parties, PicoTherm will make such changes only after confirmation, by PicoTherm, that the identity of the inquiring person is the same as the subject customer.

Please contact PicoTherm at the following address with any questions relating to Personal Information.

■ Contact
PicoTherm Corporation (Personal Information Protection Section)
2-1-6 Sengen, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0047 Japan
Tel: +81-29-828-7540, Fax: +81-29-828-7541