2. About PicoTherm
  3. History


1983 AIST/NMIJ* started research on thermophysical properties measurement by Laser Flash method and establishment of national standard.
1990 AIST/NMIJ* started research on thermophysical properties measurement for thin films by thermoreflectance methods.
2006 April Adopted AIST Innovation Center for Start-ups
2008 March Thermal Analysis System - NanoTR completed.
2008 May PicoTherm Corporation was established.
Received the title of AIST Start-ups
2008 June Launched measurement and analysis service for measuring thermophysical properties
of thin films
2010 September Launched sales of Thermal Analysis System - NanoTR
2011 July Sales representation agreement with Quantum Design Japan, Inc.
2012 December New product release - Thermal Analysis System - PicoTR
2013 June “Joyo Business Award 2013” Excellence (Rose) Award
“2nd New Business Plan Competition for Women Entrepreneurs” finalist
2014 January Sales representation agreement with NETZSCH JAPAN
2020 October PicoTherm Corporation joined the NETZSH Group
as a wholly owned subsidiary of NETZSCH Japan, K.K.
2021 July PicoTherm Corporation merged with NETZSCH Japan K.K.
as NETZSCH Japan’s Tsukuba Office.

*National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology/National Metrology Institute of Japan